The Important Role Burets Play in a Laboratory Environment

Anyone who has ever spent an appreciable length of time in a laboratory environment is no doubt familiar with the concept of the buret. A buret (also spelled Burette) is a graduated glass tube that is used for accurately measuring small quantities of liquid or measuring out samples for other uses. Burets are characterized by their slender appearance, as well as the fact that most units have a feature called a stopcock at the bottom for efficient handling.

When measuring the amount of the solution that has been added to a buret, scientists must observe the unit at eye level and straight on to the bottom of the meniscus. For the most accurate results possible, the buret should be totally free from bubbles or other obstructions. Getting readings is as simple as calculating the difference between the initial recorded volume and the final recorded volume.

But for as straightforward as burets tend to be, it's also essential to understand that not all units are created equally. Some include additional features for more advanced testing and only by carefully considering your own needs will you be able to purchase a product that is capable of helping you to accomplish your long-term goals.

Burettes (or Burets) and Titration

A primary use for burets (or burettes) is the titration process. In general terms, titration is a process for chemical analysis with the goal of finding the concentration of a substance. It involves the slow addition of one solution, of which you know the concentration (the titrant) to another solution of unknown concentration until the reaction between the two ends in neutralization. A color change will usually indicate a result. Burets are the vessel for delivering one reactant to the other and are most often used in redox and acid-base titration processes.

Redox Titration

This titration has the end goal of a redox reaction (when the oxidation changes by electron gain or loss) between the titrant and the solution of unknown concentration (analyte).

Acid-Base Titration

In acid-base titration, an acidic or basic solution is neutralized with a solution of known molarity. In this reaction, a pH indicator is also used.

The Features Common in Advanced Burets

At Weber Scientific, one of the many buret options that we have in stock that our customers have had a great deal of success with over the years is the Titrette Bottletop Buret from BrandTech. It works in the exact way that you'd expect, but it's also perfect for more advanced applications for a number of reasons.

Rather than requiring that the handler manually read the results after each sample is collected, results appear on a convenient LCD readout that also comes complete with an adjustable sleep mode. The display can be zeroed out to start a new titration in seconds, all without requiring the user to refill the chamber. The display volume is also retained during filling and is always displayed during startup, allowing past titrations to be continued on an ongoing basis. Indeed, this one feature alone is more than worth the investment for many laboratory professionals dealing with situations where time is of the essence.

Likewise, this particular unit includes an easy calibration system for accurate user adjustment in a matter of seconds - all without the need to retest in any way. It's constructed of fluorinated polymers and borosilicate glass and comes with 38 mm, 33 mm and STJ 29.42 polypropylene adapters that allow it to fit the vast majority of reagent bottles that are available. It runs with just two AAA batteries.

On the other end of the spectrum is the Class A Buret with a Straight Bore and a PTFE Key Stopcock from United Scientific. By design, it meets all USP standards and is both serialized and certified for your convenience. From the moment you place your liquid sample in the buret, you'll only have to wait about 30 seconds before getting your reading. It was manufactured from a precision bore tubing material and has been calibrated on computer-controlled machines, all so that you can rest easy knowing that your readings are as accurate as humanly possible.

Double Buret Clamps and Stands: Important Buret Accessories

Finally, no discussion of burets in a lab environment would be complete without mentioning some accessories that can help you get the most out of your purchase. The Polyethylene Double Buret Clamp from Bel-Art Scienceware, for example, is a non-corrosive clamp designed to hold your buret firmly in place. It does this thanks to a series of rubber pads that are connected to a concealed steel spring.

The same company also makes a Polyethylene Buret Stand, which offers a corrosion resistant base and weighs in at a slender 5.5 pounds for stability. It's 8 inches wide by 12 inches long by two inches thick and features a rod that is 0.5 inches by 30 inches long.

These are just a few examples of the buret accessories proudly offered by Weber Scientific. Rest assured that there are many, many more, and you can view a comprehensive listing of our current inventory by clicking the following link.

Other Laboratory Supplies Are Also Available

As a part of our continued commitment to offering all the laboratory supplies you need to further the essential work you're doing each day, Weber Scientific also stocks a host of other products for you to choose from depending on your needs. In addition to burets we also offer burners, clipboards, labeling solutions, magnifiers, tool kits and more - regardless of what you're looking for, there's an excellent chance that you'll be able to find it here.

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