Shipping and Freight Options

Huge freight savings and faster delivery throughout the United States

A selection of our best-selling products, such as dilution bottles, now ship out of our Nevada warehouse for delivery to Western states and out of our Missouri warehouse for selected Southern and Midwestern states. Customers in these areas will realize significant freight savings.

Eastern states will continue to receive fast and economical service from our facility in New Jersey.

1-2-3 Day Delivery Program

Receive Your Order Within 1 and 3 Days to Any Location in the Continental
United States at No Extra Cost With Our 1-2-3 Day Delivery Program.

When you order from Weber Scientific we will route your order so that all (or part*) of your order arrives at your facility within 1, 2 but never more than 3 business days. Any upgrade in the level of service over basic UPS or FedEx ground service will be done at our expense -not yours!

How Does the 1-2-3 Day Delivery Program Work?

Based on UPS’s delivery schedule (see map) your order will be routed via basic ground service if delivery is scheduled at 3 business days or less. If the UPS delivery schedule indicates more than 3 business days, we will upgrade your order to 3 Day Select service at no extra charge to you. You pay only for basic ground or hundredweight service.

Are There Any Exceptions to the 1-2-3 Day Delivery Program?

The following types of orders require specific types of freight service that limits their participation in the 1-2-3 Day Delivery Program:

  • 1-2-3 Day Delivery service is available for orders of $300+
  • On a select number of items in our catalog, only the first case — of multiple case orders — will be upgraded to UPS 3 Day Select service (where applicable). The remaining cases will ship by ground and you should receive them within 1 – 3 days of receiving your first case. However, if you need to receive more than one case of these specially identified items within 3 days, then let us know when ordering and we will be happy to upgrade additional cases.
  • Perishable items that require next day or second day air shipment.
  • Any order containing any material defined as a hazardous material either by the DOT or UPS. However, when feasible, we will “split” your order so that you receive your regular lab supplies in 1, 2 or 3 days, while your hazardous items will arrive later on a separate shipment.
  • Drop ship orders from our manufacturers, including all large equipment.
  • Hinged-lid containers that can be affected by the drop in air pressure during air transit, sometimes causing the containers to pop open.
  • Distributors are not eligible.

If your order is one of these specific types of exception orders, our customer service representative will notify you either at the time of order, or prior to shipment.