What You Need to Know About Burners

When people think about your average laboratory environment, they usually call to mind images of rooms filled with expensive-looking equipment that’s used for experiments and other critical tasks on a daily basis. While this is certainly a fair assessment, most people don't realize that the vast majority of the laboratory tools they'll encounter on a daily basis are far more straightforward in nature.

Case in point: burners. These little devices seem simple enough, tasked with little more than producing a simple open flame that is easily controlled by the operator. Looks can be deceiving, however, and burners in particular bring with them a wide range of different potential applications (and unexpected benefits) that you should absolutely be aware of moving forward.

The Ins and Outs of Burners

Generally speaking, laboratory burners are used for a wide range of different tasks depending on the context. This includes but is certainly not limited to heating, sterilization and even combustion.

During the operation of a burner, you will notice a valve on the device itself. This allows you to control the total amount of air that is drawn into the burner once the flame is lit. Drawing in more air always results in a hotter flame. You can further adjust the temperature of the flame based on the amount of heat required for the application in question.

All told, burners are among the most straightforward laboratory tools you are likely to find — both in terms of how easy they are to use and in regard to the very little maintenance they require. At the same time, they're also used for a number of critical purposes — which makes it easy to see why they've been used in laboratory environments all over the world for more than a hundred years since their original invention.

Lab Burner Safety

Despite the fact that many of these products are as easy to use as they are convenient, any open flame still presents a potential fire hazard — meaning that there are certain steps you need to take to make sure you're operating your burners as safely as you possibly can.

For starters, pay very close attention to where you place your burner. It should always be used away from any overhead shelving, equipment, light fixtures and other things that could present issues down the road. For the best results, try to keep your burners at least 12 inches (ca. 30 centimeters) away from these items.

Likewise, you'll want to remove ALL papers, notebooks and other flammable materials before you use your burners — this goes for excess chemicals, too. Always tie back any long hair, secure loose clothing and be mindful of dangling jewelry.

Finally, make sure that you never, under any circumstances, leave an open flame unattended. Don't ever leave the laboratory while the burner is still on because if a fire does break out, you're entering a situation in which literally every second counts.

Types of Products

At Weber Scientific, we offer a wide range of different burner products for you to choose from depending on your needs, all from some of the most trusted names in the industry. This Alcohol Lamp, for just one example, is a classic lamp that features a wide, heavy base to resist tipping and offers a close-fitting metal cap that prevents evaporation. It comes in a 100 mL capacity and is sure to make a valued addition to any laboratory environment.

Those looking for something with a bit more versatility may find the Butane Laboratory Burner more efficient. It is small, compact and portable in all the ways that you need, and it totally eliminates the need for external fuel tanks, costly piping, unsightly hoses and other obstructions. Because the Butane Laboratory Burner is self-contained, it's also easy to move to any location and can be conveniently stored in very small spaces for safe-keeping. It can effortlessly deliver temperatures up to 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit (ca. 1,649 degrees Celsius) for up to 5.5 hours — all from a single disposable butane fuel container.

Last but not least, the Lab Butane Burner is designed to act as a viable replacement for the alcohol lamp listed above. The large base offers an incredible amount of stability, and many of our customers enjoy the fact that there are NO gas lines needed. The product is easily refilled with butane cartridges (that are available separately). It offers an intuitive solid-state push-button ignition system and an adjustable flame size. The flame temperature comes in at about 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit (ca. 1,093 degrees Celsius), and it sports a very large 64 mL tank capacity.

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