Burettes, Class A, with Straight Bore PTFE Key Stopcock (United Scientific)

Class A, ASTM E287, meets USP standards, serialized and certified. Waiting time of 30 seconds. Manufactured from precision bore tubing and calibrated To Deliver (TD, Ex) on computer-controlled machines. Includes PTFE straight bore stopcock.

Description/Item No. Capacity Grad. Interval (mL) Mfr. Item No. Tolerance (±mL) Your Cost/Qty Purchase
Burettes, Class A
10mL 0.05 BR2128-10 0.02
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Burettes, Class A
25mL 0.10 BR2128-25 0.03
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Burettes, Class A
50mL 0.10 BR2128-50 0.05
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