Bacteriological Sampling

When pathogenic organisms are found in water or food supplies, there is a significant concern for the safety of the population that consumes it. Pathogenic organisms and bacteria can cause cholera, intestinal infections, hepatitis, dysentery, typhoid fever, and other serious illnesses. Bacteriological analysis is used to identify any organisms existing in the food or water supply so that researchers and scientists can work to make them safer. Contamination is far too easy, and the price is far too great.

Bacteriological analysis is an intricate, highly technical process that requires the highest quality tools, instruments, and equipment available. Whether it is done to determine the suitability of water, food, or other element, the analyst must have a certain degree of confidence in the products that they use. At Weber Scientific, we carry a wide range of high quality bacteriological testing supplies and equipment, allowing you to perform routine screening or troubleshoot various samples: