Titrette® Bottletop Buret (BrandTech)

Results appear in the LCD readout, which has an adjustable sleep mode. The display can be zeroed to start a new titration without refilling the cylinder. Display volume is retained during filling and displayed during startup so titrations can be continued from a previous run. SafetyPrime™ valve purges bubbles without wasting reagent. Unit includes the Easy Calibration™ system for accurate user adjustment within seconds without retesting. Made of fluorinated polymers and borosilicate glass. Standard 45 mm thread and included 38 mm, 33 mm and STJ 29.42 polypropylene adapters fit most reagent bottles. Two AAA batteries included. One-year warranty.

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Titrette® Bottletop Buret
25 mL 50 µL=±% 0.2 4760151 25 0.1 0.01
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Titrette® Bottletop Buret
50 mL 100µL=±%0.2 4760161 50 0.1 0.01
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