Standing Orders

We recommend that you place a Standing Order for those products that you regularly purchase. There are a number of reasons to consider this pre-scheduled shipping service:

  • Quantity Discounts. Many of our products have quantity discounts. Some laboratories cannot always purchase the largest quantity at one time, space constraints being a common example. However, when you place a standing order for these specially marked products, in a quantity meeting or exceeding the largest quantity break, you can specify shipping releases of lesser quantities, but you will be eligible for the best possible pricing.
  • Availability. We strive to always have all items in-stock. But in those rare instances when the demand for a product causes tight supply, all customers with Standing Orders always get priority shipping.
  • Lowers Your Administrative Burden.
  • Preserves Flexibility. Your schedule may be modified as necessary.
  • Delivery Timeframe Tailored to Meet Your Needs. Standing Orders can be established for delivery once a week, once a month, every other month, or in any timeframe that best meets your needs.
  • No Contract Required.

Dwuana Brown
Customer Service Supervisor