Solar-Cult® Beef/Swine Carcass Sampling Kit (Solar Biologicals)

Beef/Swine Carcass Sampling Kit 10 Tests Contents per Kit:

  • 10 - Sterile Solar-Cult® Cellulose sponges pre-moistened with 10 mL Butterfield’s Phosphate Diluent, individually wrapped in foil pouch
  • 10 - Vials of 15 mL Sterile Butterfield’s Phosphate Diluent
  • 10 pairs - Sterile sampling gloves
  • 10 - Twirl-tie sterile sample bags
  • 10 - Labels for sample identification
  • 10 - Sterile sampling templates 10cm x 10cm
  • Instructions

This kit has been designed to contain essentially everything needed to collect and transport ten Environmental/HACCP beef and swine specimens for foodborne pathogen analysis The non-destructive sampling procedure was prepared using FSIS/USDA Pathogen Reduction/HACCP Regulations. In addition to sampling templates, gloves, bags and packing materials; the kit contains convenient ready to use pre- moistened Solar-Cult sponges as well as vials of sterile diluent in pre-measured 15-mL aliquots.
A kit insert contains simple instructions and precautions.

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Beef/Swine Carcass Sampling Kit
Beef/Swine Carcass Sampling Kit A40BP 10 Tests
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Beef/Swine Carcass Sampling Kit
As above only with buffered peptone water. A40BPW 10 Tests
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