QualiTru 7-channel Septa

Each QualiTru septum is made of high-quality, food-grade materials with visible indication for used and unused channels for sample extraction. Once all channels have been used, simply replace with a new septum.

Your samples are only as reliable as your sampling procedure

Here is how the QualiTru Aseptic Sampling System integrates seamlessly into your SOP in 3 steps.

Step 1. Install stainless steel ports.

A good sampling point would be at the back of your receiver jar through a TruStream Sanitary Port to draw representative samples at any point throughout your process.

  • 🗹 Diagnostic function
  • 🗹 System quality check
  • 🗹 CIP cleanliness check
  • 🗹 Overall liquid quality control
Find out why more sampling points are better

Step 2. Secure a sterile septum into the port

When not in use, protect septa with a fitted dust cap from environmental contamination.

The Better Way to Sample

The QualiTru Aseptic Sampling System:
  • 🗹 Closed septic system - no cross contamination
  • 🗹 Single-use channel - no false positives
  • 🗹 Draw large samples at very low cost
  • 🗹 Flexible sampling volume
Traditional Sampling Methods:
  • Open Valves: High risk of contamination, difficult to collect representative samples
  • Steam in place Valves: Additional cost and labor for sterilization, product waste from flushing, risk of sample contamination.
  • Micro ports: High risk of sample contamination, extra cleaning out of place step

Step 3. Collect samples via a single-use channel into sterile collection syringes or collection bags.

The sterile septa perform aseptically, which means that before, during, and after sampling, external contaminants would not come in contact with the process vessel or to the sample itself.

  • 🗹 No sterilization needed between sampling.
  • 🗹 Collect perfectly representative samples via constant flow connector port.
  • 🗹 No false positives: effective diagnostics and microbial detection.
See how aseptic sampling work in your industry

*3064-15 Starter kit consists of one sterile 7-channel septum, dust cap, 7 disposable 60 mL syringes with 1 1/2” needles, alcohol wipes and instructions.

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QualiTru Aseptic Sampling System
Starter Kit (see description above)
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QualiTru Aseptic Sampling System
7 port sampling membrane, sterile, ind. wrapped 190°F. standard EPDM
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QualiTru Aseptic Sampling System
7 port sampling membrane, sterile, ind. wrapped 300°F. silicone
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Dust Cover
Dust cover for 7 port sampling membrane.
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Wrench for QualiTru Aseptic Sampling System
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