Air Sampler (Microbiologique)

The Air Sampler draws a measured volume of air through the device which contains culture media in Petri dishes. Any microorganisms in the air embed themselves in the media. The Petri dishes are incubated and any organisms impacted on the plate form colonies. The bacteria or fungi are enumerated based on how many colonies form, combined with the volume of air sampled, and identified by appropriate methods such as colony morphology, PCR or polyphasic Microbial ID.

  • Standard size petri dish (available separately)
  • Your choice of culture media (available separately)
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Adjustable sampling time
  • Calibrated dial
  • Flow rate 100 L/min
  • Compressed air sampling attachment available
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Air Sampler
Air Sampler DCW0110 Each
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Compressed Air Attachment
Compressed Air Attachment DCW0111 Each
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