All About Weber Scientific

From the moment we originally opened our doors until now, our core mission at Weber Scientific has remained the same. We strive to promote both quality control and assurance in equal measure to working laboratory professionals around the country by offering a superior selection of affordable food, beverage and water testing products.

But what is the story of Weber Scientific, and what separates us from so many other providers in the industry? Read on to find out.

The Story of Weber Scientific

The story of Weber Scientific actually begins in 1959, with the formation of our parent company, NJDL Supplies, Inc. That organization itself is a valued part of New Jersey Dairy Laboratories, a commercial testing facility based out of New Brunswick, that first opened its doors in 1936.

NJDL Supplies, Inc. was founded for a number of core reasons, each one more important than the last. Especially during that time period, many dairy processors and similar organizations operating in and around the metropolitan tri-state area were beginning to bring a lot of their laboratory efforts in-house for the first time. Because of that, they needed a commercial lab supply partner that could reliably give them the tools they needed to thrive.

At the same time, New Jersey Dairy Laboratories had several exclusive products that it had become known for - like the Gerber butterfat test and the Levowitz-Weber bacteriological strain, among others.

Flash forward to today and Weber Scientific has proudly grown into a genuine industry leader, particularly to clients in the food and dairy processing industries. Although the Weber Scientific headquarters and warehouse are located in New Jersey, we also have a wide range of distribution points across the country that allow us to further our important mission on a daily basis.

The Benefits of Working With Weber Scientific

First and foremost, we're proud of the fact that we've become known for our exceptional product selection. Thanks largely to the fact that we're genuine specialists in terms of quality control supplies for food and dairy labs, customers can explore hundreds of essential lab products - as well as many hard-to-find and even exclusive items - as a part of our inventory.

Likewise, we've also worked hard to become known for our exceptional prices - truly second-to-none in the industry today. For us, it isn't enough to just offer some of the highest quality products in the industry. We also work to provide the best prices WITHOUT any of the hassles that come with other providers (like long-term contracts, for one).

Finally, we always maintain a 100% satisfaction guarantee on any and all items sold.

Exclusive Weber Scientific Offerings

As stated, there are also a number of exclusive products that we proudly carry that literally no other provider can offer - with this Microbiologique Air Sampler being one of the most prominent examples.

This innovative Air Sampler is designed to draw a measured volume of air directly into the device, which itself contains culture media in convenient Petri dishes. Any and all microorganisms in the air embed themselves in the media, and the Petri dishes can then be incubated. Bacteria and fungi are then enumerated based on how many colonies form, which can help laboratory professionals identify them by appropriate methods like colony morphology, PCR or even polyphasic Microbial ID.

Another great example of an exclusive Weber Scientific product is the AllergenControl LFD Detection Kit, also from the folks at Microbiologique. Needless to say, it's important for any food business to have a Food Allergen Management Plan and this is one tool that can help make that easier than ever.

Not only do you get the added security of this product line to help prevent false negatives (this particular system uses a third line to overcome this problem), but you also go a long way towards avoiding waste at the same time. Keep in mind that kits are available for either environmental surface tests OR food product tests - meaning that you buy only what you need and aren't left with anything you can't expressly use.

Likewise, a wide range of different kits are available depending on which specialty you're dealing with. You can choose from total milk, casein, beta-lactoglobulin and more. There are 44 different kits to choose from, each of which will play an invaluable role in your lab environment.

If you'd like to find out more about some of the essential items that you'll ONLY find from Weber Scientific, click here to find an expansive list.

The Weber Scientific Brand: Weber DB™

Though Weber Scientific partners with several of the top laboratory supply manufacturers, we also develop products in-house. Based on our years of experience in food, dairy and beverage testing, we are able to create the products you need at the price you want.

Weber Scientific products include:

Learn About Weber Scientific

Laboratory equipment and other essential items are to the critical work being done by professionals in lab environments across the country on a daily basis. We know that these people need more than just all-purpose items to depend on - they're looking for high quality equipment from some of the leading brands in the industry working today, all at affordable prices as well.

Since 1985 when we became Weber Scientific, we've literally built our business in a way that allows us to offer all of this and more. By acting as a true one-stop shop for all of your laboratory needs, we've been allowed to become a true partner to customers like you in every sense of the term - one that is every bit as vested in your success as you are. Make absolutely no mistake about it - that is one trend that shows absolutely no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

So if you still have any additional questions about our inventory and available products at Weber Scientific, or if you'd just like to discuss your own particular needs with someone in a bit more detail, contact Weber Scientific today. While you're there, don't forget to sign up for our totally free Weber Scientific newsletter to get all of the critical information you need delivered straight to your email inbox on a regular basis. Finally, be sure to sign up for our Frequent Buyer Program to take our already exceptional savings to the next level prior to going through with your next order.