Weber Scientific Brand Partners

From the moment we originally opened our doors until now, our core mission at Weber Scientific has remained the same. Not only do we strive to promote quality control and assurance by offering a smooth purchasing experience, but we also work hard to offer a superior selection of products for any dairy and food testing organization to further their own important goals on a daily basis.

An important part of how we further our mission ultimately comes down to the brands we have relationships with and the ability to offer exceptional quality products to our customers.

Weber Scientific Orion Products

One of the company's that we've worked hard to establish a relationship with over the years is Orion - the manufacturer behind a number of high quality items like the AquaMate 8100, the AquaPro ATC Triode and the AquaPro Flat Surface Epoxy pH Electrode, just to name a few.

The Weber Scientific Thermo Orion AquaMate 8100, for example, is a highly versatile spectrophotometer with a compact design. It features a plethora of innovative features that allow operators to readily create their own custom methods for testing, thus adapting to the constantly evolving challenges of a real laboratory environment on the fly.

Weber Scientific Hygiena Products

Another one of our trusted Weber Scientific brands is Hygiena - makers of this AllerFlow Gluten Surface Residue Test, among others. This is a convenient, quick sample collection tool that requires minimal training AND that can generate accurate results in as little as 10 minutes after application.

Weber Scientific Sartorius Products

Sartorius is the manufacturer behind many notable products, like these Sterile 47 mm Membrane Filters. These are sterile, individually wrapped membranes made up of a cellulose nitrate that assures effective retention with high flow rates and optimum colony growth, absolutely no exceptions.

Weber Scientific Nasco Products

Nasco is the industry leading brand known for products like the Dehydrated Speci-Sponge Sterile Sampling System, among others. This particular product is used to collect bacteria samples from literally any work surface that you may be dealing with, as well as equipment, animal carcasses and other important areas.

Weber Scientific Lucipac Products

Equally notable is our relationship with Lucipac - and the most important example of that is our Weber Scientific exclusive A3 Sanitation System. This is most advanced sensitivity and detection sanitation hygiene system available anywhere on the market today - and you can only get it here.

This product is designed to detect ATP, ADP and AMP with just a single swab - instantly giving you the entire picture of what you're dealing with thanks to patented A3 technology. It has been proven to detect residues AND microorganisms that other systems miss and it's so easy-to-use that you'll be able to see results within as little as ten seconds. We even made an infographic about the LuciPac A3 Sanitation System.

Weber Scientific Qorpak Products

Also notable are the variety of products that we offer from Qorpak, with the High Density Polyethylene Wide Mouth Round Bottles being one of our most popular examples. Available in both cleaned to Level 2 and uncleaned, these bottles make a perfect addition to any laboratory environment that needs to meet the rigid specifications of the Environmental Protection Agency's Protocol "B" Cleaning Procedure.

Weber Scientific Pyrex Products

For years, the people at Pyrex have become known for their industry leading solutions - which is why we proudly count items like the Glass Pyrex Erlenmeyer Flask Starter Pack among our inventory.

At its core, this product is exactly what it sounds like - one that is available in five popular sizes for you to choose from depending on your needs. Pick from 50 ml, 125 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml and even 1,000 ml depending on the situation.

Weber Scientific Alconox Products

Finally, we arrive at the wide array of different products that Weber Scientific carries from the people at Alconox - like the famous Alcojet Dishwasher Powder Detergent.

This is an innovative, lubricating formula that was designed from the ground up to protect all of the critical and sensitive metal parts of mechanical dishwashers in your lab environment. You get access to high sequestering and wetting power that makes this an extremely effective solution in terms of removing difficult soils, so long as they have pH levels between 10.6 and 10.8.

Note that these are just a few of the many, many examples of exceptional quality products that we have available to order now from all of our industry leading manufacturer partners. Regardless of what your lab needs to thrive and continue its own important mission into the future, you'll be able to find it (and so much more) from Weber Scientific.

Weber Scientific Weber DB™

One more popular brand we carry is the Weber Scientific Weber DB™ brand . After many years of being in the food, dairy and beverage testing business, the Weber Scientific team leverages our knowledge and industry leadership to create products that laboratories need and can afford. From dilution bottles to sampling devices and disposable petri dishes, you can find laboratory essentials from Weber DB™ on our website!

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