BrewLab™ and BrewLab Plus™ (LaMotte)

Experts agree water conditions affect your final product, so take the mystery out of making great beer. This test kit quantifies six important water test factors. BrewLab Plus includes is a digital pH meter for monitoring batches from start to finish.

Test Factor Range Number of tests
Hardness (Total and Calcium)
Calcium: Helps prevent enzymes from denaturing and extends their activity in the mash, promoting clarity, flavor and stability in the finished beer. Magnesium: In small amounts Mg is an important yeast nutrient. The better the “yeast ferment”, the cleaner the alcohol produced.
0-200 ppm† as CaCO3 50 at 200 ppm
Directly affects your water and your beer’s pH level. Water with low alkalinity is subject to dramatic pH changes. Know the alkalinity of the water before you brew to determine if you need to adjust your pH prior to brewing. Alkalinity coupled with calcium and magnesium hardness can help you estimate the end pH of your beer.
0-200 ppm† as CaCO3 50 at 200 ppm
Controls the bitterness level of your finished beer by adjusting sulfates.
0-200 ppm sulfate 50 50
Accentuates hop character, helps dry the beer finish. Tastes minerally with high concentrations of sodium, chloride, and bicarbonate.
1 drop= 10-25 ppm about 80
Measure the pH before and during the brewing process since it affects the test of your brew. Although testing the pH of the water before you brew is important to establish your starting point, it is even more essential to test during the process to ensure you optimize your ingredients. pH test strips and papers work fine for pre-tests, but a digital pH meter is recommended for testing during brewing.
0.0-14.0 pH unlimited

† and higher

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BrewLab Plus includes digital pH meter
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