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Whether you are teaching the NGSS, TEKS in Texas, SOL in Virginia, or any other state-specific frameworks, we know one thing for sure – you need lab supplies that can take a bit of a beating. You need affordable equipment that:

  • Fulfill hands-on experiment performance requirements
  • Prep your students for real-world applications

Let us help give your students an experience they’ll use for the rest of their lives.

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Browse through our curated selection of instructional supplies including glassware, plastic labware, microscopes, lab scales, reagents, lab safety gear, and many more.

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Safety & Sanitation

Lab Tools and Stationary

Rugged, reliable, and safety-first

Rugged and Robust

Get up to a 5-year manufacturer warranty on some of the most abused school equipment, like microscopes.

Hands-on modeling and experiments are now core measurements for student performance.

Do you need to up the ante on your lab to satisfy:

  • Diverse learning styles,
  • Real-world applications, and
  • Critical thinking and problem-solving skills building?

Let us know if you need something unique, we're happy to source special-order items directly from our suppliers.

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30 Days Satisfaction Guaranteed

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