Safety Goggles, Clear

These goggles are made of a soft vinyl frame with a polycarbonate lens. The flexible frame molds comfortably to the face for a secure fit. The polycarbonate lens is anti-fog and scratch-resistant. The goggles allow room for most prescription glasses and the adjustable headband provides a custom fit for any wearer. Various vent configurations in the frame allow airflow for cooling. ANSI approved. Z87.1 1989

Key Features

  • High quality PVC frame with 1.6mm High Impact PC lens
  • Anti-Scratch, Anti-Fog, Anti-Saliva
  • Adjustable elastic band for comfort
  • Choose from directly or indirectly vented
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Safety Goggles w/ Indirect Vent
Indirectly Vented
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Safety Goggles with Direct Venting
Directly Vented
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