ZymoSnap ALP Alkaline Phosphatase Test (Hygiena)

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ZymoSnap ALP rapidly measures alkaline phosphatase activity in dairy products to verify pasteurization. The test has the capability to detect below the regulatory limit (350mU/L) down to 100mU/L. The device features an all-in-one design that provides simplicity, convenience, and repeatability. In addition, clear definitive results avoid delays and additional costs of retesting as seen with other ALP test methods. ZymoSnap ALP has been validated for a variety of milks, flavored milks, creams, and more.


  • All-in-one system
  • Easy-to-use, affordable device
  • Gives actionable results in 10 minutes
  • Independently validated
  • SureTrend software tracks and trends tests results for data storage and analysis
  • Compatible with EnSURE monitoring system which also measures ATP, Coliform, E. coli, and Total Viable Count tests


  • Patented snap-valve technology and liquid-stable reagent
  • 100% recyclable test device
  • For use with EnSURE monitoring system
  • Detects down to .001% raw milk
  • Detects below regulatory limits (<350 mU/L)
  • Clear, reliable results even at low levels (25-100mU/L)

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