WeberClean™ Concentrated Soaking Solution

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Removes virtually any contaminant from every surface – even dried proteins. Works by soaking alone, with no need to scrub. WeberClean is totally rinseable and leaves no residue. It is phosphate and chlorine-free, and is biodegradable — used solutions may be disposed straight to drain. Typically, a 2 – 5% solution is completely effective in soaking all labware 100% clean. WeberClean is stable to the addition of bleach to create an effective cleaner/sanitizer mix.

In addition to general labware cleaning, following are some examples of other common applications:

  • Pipet soaking
  • Food plant and equipment – USDA Approved
  • Radioactive decontamination
  • Pharmaceuticals and biotechnology plant and equipment
  • Replaces chromic acid, solvents and caustics

WeberClean is an emulsion of anionic and nonionic surface active agents in an alkaline aqueous base. It is a very effective solution and is a super value.

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