Waterproof Dual Scale Digital Thermometer with Min/Max and Hold Features (DeltaTRAK)

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With minimum and maximum memory capability, it will record the lowest and highest temperature reached from last reset, between -40°F to 311°F (-40°C to 155°C) and is accurate within ±1°F (±0.5°C). This waterproof instrument is an ideal food service thermometer for HACCP compliance. Use this extremely versatile thermometer to verify dishwasher temperature, ensuring that your cookware and dishes have been properly sanitized. The thermometer is completely waterproof for repeated commercial dishwasher use. It can be used where steam or condensation is a problem, or it can be completely submerged into water. Large easy-to-read display. Comes with a removable see-through probe cover with pocket clip. Factory calibration is N.I.S.T. traceable by lot. Recalibration is possible via a button in the battery compartment.


Sensor Temperature Range -40°F to 311°F (-40°C to 155°C)
Accuracy ±2°F (-40°F to -4°F); ±1°C (-40°C to -20°C)
±1°F(-4°F to 131°F); ±0.5°C (-20°C to 55°C)
±2°F (131°F to 311°F); ±1°C (55°C to 155°C)
or ±1%, whichever is greatest
Resolution 0.1 between -20° to 200° (F or C); otherwise 1°
Waterproof Rating IP65
Response Time Update every 1 second.
Probe Stainless steel, 4.13” L x 0.14” Dia, Reduced tip 0.1” Dia
(105 mm L x 3.56 mm Dia, Reduced tip 2.5 mm Dia)
Battery (included) 1.5V button alkaline or equivalent, about 5,000 hours continuous life
Certification CE, RoHS, NIST traceable, manufacturers certificate of compliance available