Universal Beer Agar (UBA)

Universal Beer Agar (UBA Medium) is used for cultivating microorganisms of significance in the brewing industry.

Principles Yeast extract is a source of trace elements, vitamins and amino acids. Peptonized milk contains lactose as an energy source. Tomato juice is a source of carbon, protein and nutrients. Dextrose provides additional carbon. Dipotassium and monopotassium phosphates provide buffering capability. Magnesium sulfate, ferrous sulfate and manganese sulfate are sources of ions that stimulate metabolism. Sodium chloride provides essential ions. Agar is the solidifying agent.

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Universal Beer Agar
Difco 285610 500 gram
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Universal Beer Agar
Alpha Biosciences U21-100 2 kg
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Universal Beer Agar
Alpha Biosciences U21-100 500 gram
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