Transport Amies Swab Systems (Copan)

These swab transport systems are easy to use – and with no glass ampules to break. Recommended for transporting microbial specimens to the laboratory for culturing. Simply peel open, remove the swab, collect the sample and insert the swab into the tube of medium.

Stuart’s liquid medium: The tip of the swab is placed in direct contact with a soft polyurethane foam sponge. The sponge is soaked with 1.0 mL of liquid medium and acts like a moisture reservoir. As the swab is inserted into the tube the sponge yields and the medium is soaked up into the swab tip by capillary action.

Amies agar without charcoal: The tube features a unique Venturi hourglass design. A 5 mL deep gel column offers maximum protection and improves sample viability.

Either medium supports a wide range of bacteria. The tamper evident seal changes color when opened to ensure single use and minimize the risk of accidental contamination. The rayon tip is non-toxic to specimens and is clearly marked with a batch number, expiration date and product description. Extra-long 5 1/4” swab shaft.

The moisture guarded packaging is totally waterproof - eliminates risk of accidental contamination of sterile pack contents by penetration of water condensation or contact between outside of the swab pack and moist or wet surfaces. During product assembly atmospheric air is vacuumed out and nitrogen gas is injected into the swab packages. Pack of 50 swabs.

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Transport Swab Systems
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Transport Stuart's Swab Systems
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