Traceable® Logger-Trac Temperature Datalogger

Select the acceptable temperature parameters (high and low temperature values) in 1° increments. LCD display shows the running alarm tally based on the acceptable temperature range and recording interval. Alarm tally is incremented when the reading goes outside the acceptable temperature parameters during the recording interval and continues to be incremented if the temperature has remained outside the acceptable temperature parameters during the following interval. Quarantine notification may be set by the user to display QUARANTINE once the alarm tally has reached the maximum number acceptable (from 1 to 99).

The user-defined recording interval may be set based on the number of desired days to log (from 4 hours to 365 days) or the desired time interval (from every 2 seconds to every 24 hours). Internal flash memory stores 7680 readings. While recording, the following information is displayed: Current, Minimum and Maximum temperature achieved and cumulative running time. Once an alarm condition has occurred, the following additional information is displayed: Alarm Tally, “ALARM” notification, and cumulative alarm time. Battery included. Waterproof design (IP66).


Temperature Range-31 to 122°F (-35 to 50°C)
Temperature Resolution 0.1°
Temperature Accuracy±0.2°C from 0 to 10°C; ±1°C otherwise
Internal Temp Accuracy±0.2°C from 0 to 10°C; ±1°C otherwise
Temp MIN/MAX MemoryYes
Export DataMaxiThermal Software
Dimensions2.56 x 1.34 x 0.35 inches
Weight0.65 ounces
TraceableMulti-point calibration on an individually-numbered Traceable® Certificate, pre-programmed with alarm values of 2°C (low) and 8°C (high) and a recording interval to allow for 30 days of recording (readings are logged every 5 minutes, 33 seconds).
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Temperature Datalogger
Temperature Datalogger 6540
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MaxiThermal Software
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Logger-Trac™ Sleeves (100/pk)
Logger-Trac™ Sleeves (100/pk) 6545
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