The LactiWhey Whey Analyzer

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The LactiWhey analyzer provides analysis of sweet whey that reports fat, total solids and SNF, density, salts/minerals, lactose, pH and protein in 60 seconds.
Testing of whey composition at various key points in the cheese-making process facilitates effective and efficient process control. Using the LactiWhey to monitor whey composition can improve efficiency in curd cutting, minimize fat and protein losses and ensure consistent quality and yield optimization.
The LactiWhey offers three separate channels that can be custom-calibrated to various types of cheese or whey cream, providing a complete composition profile of sweet whey in 60 seconds.

  • Assess the impact of temperature and curd-cutting techniques on the cheese
  • Monitor the consistency of composition binding
  • Appraise the protein content to confirm what volumes and quality of whey protein concentrate can be harvested
  • Assay the fat and protein content of whey for further processing decisions

LactiWhey Whey Analyzer includes:
6 x Sample Cups
2 x Pkgs. Cleaning Solvent Concentrate
1 x Power Cord
1 x Waste Bottle, 1 x Waste Hose
1 x pH Sensor
2 each pH buffers (4.0, 7.0, 10.0 pH)
1 x User’s Manual

Measuring Parameters:
Fat 0.05 - 3% (±0.1%)
Solids Not Fat (SNF) 3 - 10% (±0.15%)
Density 1.015 - 1.075 g/cm3 (±0.001)
Protein 0.25 - 5% (±0.15%)
Lactose 0.25 - 15% (±0.2%)
Solids (Salts and Minerals) 0.25 - 20% (±0.25%)
Total Solids 3 - 20% (± 0.25%)
pH 0.1 - 14 pH (±0.01%)
Measuring Cycle ~ 60 seconds
Cleaning Cycle < 30 seconds (automatic mode)