Sterile Swab System (Copan)

Each SRK (Swab Rinse Kit) is a complete collection kit and is comprised of a labeled screw cap tube with a swab stick attached to the cap and the tube filled with 10 mL of rinse solution. Swab is nontoxic polyester attached to either a 3 1/2” (95 mm) or 5 3/4” (150 mm) breakable plastic shaft. Gamma irradiated for sterility. A certificate of analysis is supplied with each lot.

The popular Neutralizing Solution is an isotonic buffered rinse solution that contains neutralizers to inhibit the false-negative results of most sanitizing chemicals, including Tween® 80 and lecithin for QAC’s (quaternary ammonia compounds) and iodine, and sodium thiosulfate for chlorine bleach.

  • Hygienic Assessment – Enables routine hygiene monitoring of food contact surfaces and assessment of hygienic status of food processing environments.
  • Sanitization Validation – Convenient system for verification and validation of effective sanitization and disinfection procedures.
  • Available in standard or long-length – For sampling uneven or irregular surfaces, equipment, difficult to reach sites and heavily contaminated surfaces.

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Sterile Swab System
Neutralizing Buffer pack 50 3 1/2” / 95 mm
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Sterile Swab System
Non-nutrient phosphate buffered neutralizing solution pack 50 3.4”/85 mm (short)
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