Spectrophotometer Cuvette

Manufactured from Spectrosil quartz for accurate readings over the entire UV range to near infrared range. Due to the fully heat-fused construction (no intermediate materials or adhesives) and careful annealing to remove any strain, there is no optical or physical distortion of the optically polished windows. The cell falls well within the accepted pathlength standard of ±0.01mm. The cell exhibits a transmission tolerance within 1.5% at 200nm.

  • Far UV Quartz
  • Wavelength Range of 170–2700 nm
  • Fully Heat-Fused Construction
  • Cover type: Flat lid
  • Sold individually
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Spectrophotometer Cuvette
12.5W x 12.5L x 45H mm 10W x 10L mm 10 mm 3.5 mL Each
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Spectrophotometer Cuvette
12.5W x 3.5L x 45H mm 10W x 1L mm 1 mm 0.35 mL pack/2
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Spectrophotometer Cuvette
12.5W x 12.5L x 45H mm 10W x 10L mm 10 mm 3.5 mL pack/2
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