Soy and Soy Drink Protein Residue Detection Kits (ELISA Systems)

Soy Drink-48
The ELISA SYSTEMS Soy Drink Protein Residue assay is an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) that has been specifically designed to screen appropriate food products for the presence of soy drink. It may also be suitable for the detection of other soy products. Samples that have been subjected to prolonged high temperature and pressure treatments (such as in canning operations), hydrolysis or fermentation, may not be suitable for analysis using this test kit. Please discuss with your ELISA SYSTEMS representative regarding the suitability of this kit for these samples.

Performance Characteristics
Target Protein: Heat-Stable Soy Proteins
Range of Kit (ppm): 0.1 - 10.0 Soy Drink Protein
Incubation Time: 40 min

The ELISA SYSTEMS Soy Residue assay detects multiple Soy Proteins and is based on comparison to Soy Flour Protein concentrations.

Performance Characteristics
Target Protein: STI & other Soy Proteins
Range of Kit (ppm): 2.5 - 25.0 Soy Flour Protein
Incubation Time: 75 min

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Soy Drink Protein Residue Detection Kit
ESSMLK-48 48 tests
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Soy Residue Detection Kit
ESSOYPRD-48 48 tests
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