Self-Contained Biological Indicator Ampule (NAMSA)

These are a safe and easy to use self-contained biological indicator. The test is used to validate or monitor steam sterilization. It consists of a sealed ampule containing Geobacillus stearothermophilus spores, suspended in a modified Soybean Casein Digest broth. A pH indicator of bromocresol purple has been added to assist in detecting spore growth.

One or more ampules should be suspended or otherwise placed in the item to be sterilized, or in the sterilization chamber. At the end of the sterilization process, the tests should be carefully removed and allowed to cool. Once they have cooled (about 5 minutes) the tests should be incubated at 58 to 62°C. No activation is required. The tests should be checked periodically for growth. Growth is indicated by a color change of purple to yellow and/or turbidity. This indicates a failure of the sterilization cycle. A control ampule (not exposed in the sterilizer) should be used to verify spore viability. Results available in 48 hours. Store at refrigerated temperature.

This product is ANSI/AAMI/ISO EN 11138-1 and USP (where applicable) compliant. The suspensions are labeled with a shelf life based on the organism. Spore Suspensions require storage under refrigerated conditions (2° - 8°C). Each vial of Spore Suspension is accompanied by a Certificate of Analysis detailing the source, assayed population, resistance characteristics on paper carrier and expiration date. 24 month shelf-life from date of manufacture. Contains 1 mL.

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Biological Indicator Ampule
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