SampleReady™ Soluble Media Pouches-Buffered Peptone Water

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SampleReady™ Soluble Pouches offers a convenient packaging system for dehydrated culture media. SampleReady™ Soluble Pouches provide the same performance as bulk powder with the advantages of gamma irradiated, pre-weighed, unit dose quantities to make media preparation fast and easy. SampleReady™ complies with ISO, AOAC, BAM, and USDA media preparation guidelines.

The pouches are wrapped in a water soluble film made from polyvinyl alcohol. The film does not interfere with bacterial growth, lysis, or PCR sensitivity. In warm water and agitation, the film dissolves quickly. The media itself dissolves in the same time as bulk media. The film is cold water soluble, however warm water is recommended to dissolve media.

Performance testing of our culture media products is performed on site, using test identifying parameters that comply with governing agency recommendations. Your specific testing parameters can be added as well to match your application requirements.

The pouches are pre-weighed to your exact specifications within 0.2g of the target weight for weight less than 40g. Pre-weighed pouches over 40g have a tolerance of ±0.25g. Weights are determined by the formulation and batch size. Smaller media pouches that are 45 grams or less can be folded to a narrow width in order to fit into a 1.25" (32mm) opening on media bottles. Pouches are packaged in hermetically sealed Mylar bags. Larger batch sizes such as 30 liters and 100 liters can be made as well. All pouches are gamma irradiated for a higher level of Quality Assurance. Pre-dilution bags are formatted in Sterile Sampling Bags. Product information is included with each lot delivered, including a Certificate of Quality.