Quantab® Chloride Titrators (Environmental Test Systems)

Particularly popular with cheese manufacturers. Test strips provide a quick, specific on-the-spot test for determining chloride content levels in critical aqueous solutions. Simply place the strip into the solution to be tested and get a specific chloride content measurement in about 10 minutes. Results are read by observing the number on the strip and then using the accompanying calibration table to convert the reading to ppm chloride ion.
Almost any food processing plant using salt will find Quantab® Titrators useful for routine, in-process quality control or as a method for further testing. Easy-to-use strips give accurate results without costly laboratory equipment or technical training.

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Quantab® Chloride Titrators
.005 - .10 30 - 600 pack/40 strips low
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Quantab® Chloride Titrators
0.05 - 1.0 300 - 6000 pack/40 strips high
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