ProChem SSW Steam Sterilization Integrators (Mesa Laboratories)

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  • Class 5 Integrator
  • Moving front (wicking) Integrator
  • Eliminates need for interpretation
  • 250 Integrators/bag
  • Expires 5 years from date of manufacture

ProChem SSW Steam Sterilization Integrator is a single use Class 5 Integrating Indicator which complies with ANSI/AAMI/ISO 11140-1:2005. It integrates three essential criteria for proper steam sterilization: time, temperature, and steam. When processed along with a load it indicates, with a margin of safety, whether the proper steam sterilization criteria have been achieved.

Exposure Temperature Cycle Type Exposure Time
121°C Gravity 30 Minutes
132°C Dynamic Air Removal 4 Minutes
132°C Gravity 15 Minutes
135°C Dynamic Air Removal 3 Minutes
135°C Gravity 10 Minutes