Phos-Kit Replacement Parts

This method determines whether cream, milk or other dairy products are fully pasteurized. This is an accurate test based on the detection of the Phosphatase enzyme, a constituent of raw milk which is destroyed by pasteurizing at 1450 F for 30 minutes or at 1610 F for 15 seconds. These conditions also effectively destroy all pathogens. This test will detect remaining Phosphatase, even in small quantities, indicating faulty pasteurization. Association of Official Analytical Chemists (AOAC) and American Public Health Association (APHA) approved. Since 2003, it is no longer recognized as an official test in the Pasteurized Milk Ordinance (PMO).

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Test Tube Phosphatase
Flat bottom borosilicate glass test tubes with screw neck finish. Graduation lines at 5, 5.5, 8.5 mL. Complete with screw caps. 1
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Screw Cap
Screw cap (for test tube item 4052-01) 1
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Rack for Test Tubes
Test tube rack for 9 tubes. 1
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Color Standards
Color standards for Butyl Alcohol Technique. Set of 3; includes #1, #2 and #5 qtys. 1
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White Plastic Card
Plastic sheet for comparing colors with standards. 1
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Glass Dropper Pipette
Glass dropping pipette complete with rubber bulb. 1
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Glass Stir Rod
Special nail head design expedites crushing. 1
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Amber Round Glass
1/2 oz. Amber glass dropping bottle. 1/4 oz. capacity. 1
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Glass Amber Bottle
Amber glass bottle has 1 ounce capacity for butyl alcohol. Includes screw cap. 1
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Graduated Bottle
50 mL (2 ounce) graduated bottle for buffered substrate solution. Includes screw cap. 1
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Buffer Control Tablets
Bottle of 50
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