NBB® Prepared Culture Media for Beer (Döhler)

Ready-to-use agar or broth

  • Excellent identification of beer spoilage organisms
  • Use with filtered or unfiltered beer and yeast culture
  • Fast results – optimized nutrient combinations for fast growth of spoiling micro-organisms
  • Simple screening – Simple and reliable visual control through a clear change in the indicator color from red to yellow, for easy quantitative and qualitative analysis in almost any NBB® culture media
  • Increased selectivity – Inhibition of the harmless accompanying flora and culture yeast necessary for the brewing process for optimized detection of beverage-spoiling micro-organisms

Suitable for detection in:

  • unfiltered beers containing yeast
  • filtered beers
  • yeast samples
  • water and rinsing water
  • airborne bacteria collection samples
  • swab samples for hygiene monitoring

Detection of spoiling micro-organisms in all types of beer samples, such as Lactobacilli, Pectinatus and Megasphaera. Get clear, fast and reliable detection, even for a very low level of contamination in a large sample volume.

NBB uses special growth promotion components and nutrients optimally tailored to beer spoiling micro-organisms. Döhler exclusively uses raw materials of non-animal origin, thus eliminating the risk of animal materials entering the beer quality control process. A series of comprehensive functional tests examine the quality of the NBB culture media with a special panel of test strains, which were all isolated in breweries.

NBB-A, Agar

Solid agar medium for pouring agar plate after simple liquefaction.

  • Can be used for membrane filtration, swab and pour plate method as well as for airborne microorganism collection
  • Simple, visual screening by means of an indicator change from red to yellow

NBB-B, Broth

Liquid culture media with indicator dye for detection of beer spoiling microorganisms in yeast samples or as an enrichment medium.

  • Direct use of liquid medium
  • Simple, visual screening by an indicator change from red to yellow

NBB-C, Concentrated Broth

Liquid culture medium with enhanced selectivity through the addition of yeast-cloudy beer samples.

  • Simply added to the beer sample for analysis
  • Final microscopic inspection, no indicator verification

NBB-B-AM, Broth

Liquid culture medium for detection of indicator bacteria from biofilms.

  • Simple hygiene monitoring for weak point analyses and trending
  • Sampling by means of smear swabs at critical points throughout the production process
  • Direct use of liquid medium - ready-to-use in sterile tubes or sterile bottle for individual portioning
  • Simple, visual screening by means of an indicator change from red to yellow


pH:5.8 ± 0.2 (6.4 ± 0.2 for NBB-C)
Incubation temperature:25-28°C (77-83°F)
Incubation time:5 days
Storage temperature:4-8°C (39-46°F)
Shelf life from date of manufacture:1 year

*Brewers QCheck® Kit

  • LMC (Lactose Peptone Concentrate) Glass Bottles, 2 x 50 mL
  • NBB-B Glass Tubes, 20 x 10 mL
  • NBB-B-Am Glass Tubes, 20 x 10 mL
  • Swabs, Individually Wrapped, 30
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NBB-A, Agar
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NBB-B, Broth
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NBB-B Prepared Culture Broth
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NBB-C, Concentrated Broth
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NBB-P Powder
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NBB-PCR Prepared Media
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Brewers QCheck Kit
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NBB-B-AM Tubes
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