Mycological Agar

Mycological agar is used for the cultivation and maintenance of fungi, for the demonstration of chromogenesis and for obtaining yeast and mold counts.

Principles The peptone and dextrose ingredients supply sufficient nutrients for the metabolism of fungal species. Mycophil Agar with Low pH has had its base adjusted to approximately pH 4.7, which obviates the need for pH adjustment with lactic or tartaric acids in the laboratory. It also differs from Mycophil Agar in that an additional 2 g/L of agar has been incorporated so that the medium may be sterilized and remelted without losing its ability to solidify.

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Mycological Agar
pH Adjusted 4.8 Criterion 500 gram C8021 Each
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Mycophil Agar with Low pH
pH adjusted 4.7 BBL 500 gram 211450 Each
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