Mini Self-Contained Biological Indicator (Crosstex)

These are a safe, convenient and easy to read self-contained biological indicator. It can be used to validate or monitor steam sterilization. It consists of a paper carrier containing Geobacillus stearothermophilus, population 105. The spore carrier and glass vial containing media are located inside a plastic tube. The cap permits steam to penetrate to the spore carrier while in a sterilization chamber.
Upon completion of a sterilization cycle, allow the tests to cool for approximately 15 minutes. The top of the plastic tube should be sealed by squeezing the sides, and the media ampule crushed using the tool provided. Once this has been done, place the test in an incubator at 56°C. The tests should be checked periodically over the course of 10 hours for spore growth. Such growth is evident from the change in color of the media from purple to yellow. If growth in exposed indicators is visually observed, it must be assumed that the sterilization cycle was inadequate.
This product is ANSI/AAMI/ISO EN 11138-1 and USP (where applicable) compliant. The suspensions are labeled with a shelf life based on the organism. Each vial of Spore Suspension is accompanied by a Certificate of Analysis detailing the source, assayed population, resistance characteristics on paper carrier and expiration date. 18 month shelf-life from date of manufacture. Size is 8.4 x 45.5 mm.

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