The newly designed MegaSampler is the fastest and easiest way to collect environmental samples. The MegaSampler is irradiated, pre-moistened with a neutralizing fluid, held in place by an ergonomic handle, ready to use. It is designed to make your surfacing sampling a breeze.


4.5 sq-in extra large sampling surface.

The new and improved handle design

The ergonomic handle holds the sponge in place without glue and chemical – no risk of interfering with your sample. The handle can be attached to an extension pole, giving you the best possible access to difficult to reach surfaces, which are often also the cleaning blindspots, thus requiring frequent sampling.

Built in scraping blade for lifting biofilm.


The sponge is held in place without glue or chemicals and can be easily removed from the handle. Thus: 

  • No risk of sample contamination. 

  • No risk of sample bag tearing. 

  • Maximum sample fluid extraction for analysis..

Sealable, reusable sample bag

Which broth to choose?

Dey Engley (DE) neutralizing broth neutralizes a broad spectrum of disinfectants and preservative antimicrobial chemicals. It is suitable for evaluating surface disinfectants.

Letheen Broth neutralizes surface disinfectants, chlorine, or fluorides, It is suitable for use to determine the effectiveness of your cleaning program. Letheen Broth conforms to AOAC International testing standards.

Neutralizing Buffer does not contain animal derived materials. It neutralizes disinfectants and is suitable for determining the effectiveness of your cleaning program.