Magnetic Stirring Hot Plates

IKA Magnetic Stirring Hot Plates are designed to handle a maximum stirring load of up to 55 lb. The maximum stirring volume is 20 L.

Burns are a common laboratory accident. The fixed safety circuit shuts the IKA® Magnetic Stirring Hot Plate off when it reaches 370°C. Heat output is 600 W. An encased housing protects the unit from spills. Other accessories (support rod, support stand, and temperature probes) can be ordered separately.

This RCT Basic model of the IKA® Magnetic Stirring Hot Plate allows the user to control the speed and temperature with a set of control knobs. The speed can be set from 0 to 1100 rpm and temperature can be set in increments of 50°C

Key Features

  • Features an enclosed magnetic assembly
  • A hot surface warning indicator helps prevent accidents
  • Speed setting from 0 to 1100 RPM

Specifications for IKA® Magnetic Stirring Hot Plates
Max Stirring Load: 55 lb
Max Stirring Volume: 20 L
Ambient Conditions: 5 to 40°C, not to exceed 80% RH
Overall Dimensions: 6 5/16W x 3 1/2H x 11D"
Power: 115 V, 50/60 Hz;
Number of stirring positions 1
Speed deviation of individual stirring positions 5%
Motor rating input 16 W
Motor rating output 9 W
Speed range 0/50 – 1700 rpm
Set up plate diameter 135 mm (5.3 in)
Heat control LED
Heat output 600 W
Speed control stepless

Item No. Alt. Part No. Max. Temp Model Speed Top Plate Material Unit of Measure Your Cost Purchase
EF8794A Ambient to 310°C RCT Basic 50 to 1500 rpm Aluminum Alloy Each
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