LactiCal™ Calibration Controls for Milk Analyzers

LactiCal™ family of calibration controls
Giving you a measure of confidence in your composition test results, the independently certified LactiCal Composition Controls provide a wide range of options. These easy to use, shelf-stable calibration controls are now available in 4 different composition configurations.

LactiCheck instruments are shipped with the primary calibration(s) in place. It is recommended to regularly run a control to revalidate the factory calibration. Recalibration, if needed, can readily be made as required.

It’s now easier than ever with LactiCal ready-to-use processed milk controls. Appropriate for calibrating for processed milk testing, they are certified for fat, solids not fat, total solids, true protein and total protein in accordance with internationally recognized reference methods, with results clearly labeled on each box.

Two control levels are available: LactiCal-3 for full-fat processed milk, or LactiCal-2 for reduced or low-fat processed milk. Select the LactiCal control which most closely approximates the matrix of your samples. Run two to three samples of LactiCal and record the results. Compare your results with the certified LactiCal values. If called for, adjust the bias for each parameter (fat, SNF, etc.) through a simple push button operation. It is recommended to run a control at least on a monthly basis. LactiCal milk-based, UHT processed controls will remain stable at room temperature until opened.

Confirm that your Skim Milk is within specifications (i.e. <0.5% fat) with the NEW LactiCal-L! A certified, pre-assayed reference control, the LactiCal-L can be used to validate analyzers are correctly reporting results within the legal parameters (Pasteurized Milk Ordinance) and internal company requirements. Long shelf-life and no refrigeration required.

Preservative free raw milk controls are also readily available from several commercial laboratories. We suggest you contact Dairy One Laboratory (, (800) 496-3344) or DQCI (, (763) 785-0484).

Preservatives interfere with LactiCheck’s ultrasound technology, so these laboratories have agreed to make milk controls without preservatives available at no extra charge.

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LactiCal™-3 Full Fat 3.25% Reference Sample, 230 mL (1) Each
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LactiCal™-2 Reduced Fat 2% Reference Sample, 230 mL (1) Each
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LactiCal™-1 Reduced Fat 1% Reference Sample, 230 mL (1) Each
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LactiCal™ L
LactiCal™-L Skim Milk < 0.5% Reference Sample, 230 mL (1) Each
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