LabGenius Visible Spectrophotometer

The LabGenius Visible Spectrophotometeris an all-digital, fully programmable unit with 5nm accuracy and push button, digital keypad wavelength control. The model has a wide sample compartment and accepts cuvets up to 50mm path-length.

The instrument features a high quality silicone photodiode detector. High performance is achieved with the 1200 lines/mm grating. The four line digital display is easy-to-read and built-in filters allow easy testing. Automatic blanking is as fast and easy as a push of a button.

The unit’s integrated memory can store and recall up to 200 standard curves and 500 test data results. USB and RS232 ports allow easy computer interfacing.

The budget-friendly LabGenius Spectrophotometer’s capabilities make it ideal for water testing, environmental, and petroleum industry testing. Unit supplied with 4-cell square 10mm path length cuvet, set of two optical glass square cuvets, manual, and dust cover.

Key Features

  • Self-Calibration Feature: Instrument can perform an automated system check and calibration that covers bulb, filter positioning, and wavelength check.
  • Utility Folder: From the list, users can select Recalibrate System, Check Dark Current for diagnostic purposes, re-set time, and more.
  • Can pre-program up to 200 test methods and store 500 results. Program Test and Workflow Management can create list(s) from the “RUN TEST LIST Menu” of favorite tests, or most commonly used tests, or for a specific sequence of tests you plan to run, etc.
  • USB port for data transfer and software upgrades.
  • Memorize the settings of last test, wavelength, settings, filter, etc.
  • CE approved
Item No. Alt. Part No. Accuracy Slit Width- nm Wavelength- nm Power Unit of Measure Your Cost Purchase
EF21541 ±0.004 A of 0.5 A 5 325-1000 110V Each
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