Kimble KIMAX Glassware Lab Starter Kit

This KIMBLE KIMAX Starter Lab Glassware Kit features a full range of bench-top glassware, in one package and in a range of sizes. Kit includes Griffin beakers, Erlenmeyer flasks, Class B graduated cylinders, and GL-45 media bottles.

Kit includes:

Low Griffin Beakers
50 mL3
100 mL3
250 mL6
Wide Mouth Erlenmeyer Flask
250 mL3
500 mL6
1000 mL3
Class B Cylinder- Single Metric Scale
100 mL1
250 mL1
500 mL1
GL45 Media Bottle
100 mL2
250 mL3
500 mL3
1000 mL2
Item No. Alt. Part No. Product Description Unit of Measure Your Cost Purchase
EF27742 KIMAX Glassware Starter Kit 1 Kit
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