In-Transit Temperature Recorder (DeltaTRAK)

The In-Transit Temperature Recorder is a highly reliable strip chart time and temperature recording instrument used to record environmental conditions encountered during storage and transportation of temperature sensitive commodities in refrigerated trucks, rail cars, ocean, and air freight containers. A view port allows the operator to visually confirm activation after the startup tab has been pulled. They are specially engineered with a light and durable vented case and generate a permanent record of transit conditions on a 36” (91cm) strip chart. These records serve as corroborating evidence for insurance claims, quality assurance documentation and protection of your valuable products. Models are available from 5-day to 90-day transit periods for temperatures of -20°F to 100°F (-29°C to 38°C). Each unit is marked with a serial number for traceability.


Temperature range -20°F to 100°F (-29°C to 38°C)
Accuracy ±2.0°F (±1°C) or better
Sensor Bi-metal coil
Chart Pressure sensitive, total length 36” (91.4cm), dual
scale °F or °C
Drive Solid state quartz motor
Time keeping accuracy/clock motor Average ± 20 seconds a month
Battery AA Zinc Chloride
Shelf life 3 years
Size 5.5” (L) x 4” (W) x 2.5” (H)
13.5cm (L) x 10cm (W) x 6.3 cm (H)
Weight 8.6 oz (244g)
Case lot size/weight 20 recorders per case /12 lbs (5.4kg)
Certifications/calibration CE mark by TUV, traceable to NIST
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