Heathrow Scientific Manual Pipette Controller

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Manual Pipette Controller
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Comfortable to hold and easy to use, the Heathrow Scientific Manual Pipette Controller was designed with an ergonomic grip and bulb for simple and precise operation. A "T" bar thumb lever controls the aspirating and dispensing speeds from serological pipettes from 1 to 100 mL in size.

Operation is simple: Squeeze the bulb to create a vacuum to draw up fluid. Push the control lever backward (upward) to aspirate liquid through a pipette, or push the lever forward (downward) to dispense the liquid. A press of the central bulb on the unit blows-out any remaining fluid if necessary.

Key Features

  • Inline ergonomic design reduces stress with ease of handling and operation
  • Conveniently accommodates either glass or plastic serological or volumetric pipettes ranging from 1 to 100 mL
  • Includes a replaceable 0.45┬Ám hydrophobic filter to protect your samples and internal components
  • Stay organized with two additional nose cones (green, white) for color identification
  • Polypropylene nozzle and silicone pipette adapter is autoclavable
  • 9" x 2.1" x 2.1"
  • 1-Year Warranty