Hazardous Lab Spill Clean-up Kit

The Hazardous Lab Spill Clean-up Kit features a Red Z® solidifier is an emergency response spill kit containing five solidifiers, an absorbent (Petro Lock), six scoops and scrapers, six Ziploc bags, and hazardous and non-hazardous waste D.O.T labels. These solutions neutralize, stabilize, and solidify a variety of aqueous spills no matter where they occur. The kit contents is as follows:

  • Nitrile Gloves (Quantity: 3 Pairs) 
  • Red Z® Solidifier (5oz. Bottle) 
  • Green-Z® Solidifier (5oz. Bottle) 
  • Acid Lock® Solidifier (5oz. Bottle) 
  • Alky® Solidifier (5oz. Bottle) Petro Lock Absorbent (2oz. Bottle) 
  • Scoop/Scraper (Quantity: 6) 
  • Zip Lock Bags (Quantity: 6 / Dimensions: 9"x12") 
  • Hazardous Waste D.O.T. Label (Quantity: 2) 
  • Non-Hazardous Waste D.O.T. Label (Quantity: 2) 

Just one ounce of Red Z® and Green-Z® solidifies over one liter of water-based fluid, making this a very effective immobilization solidifier. Safetec® solidifiers deodorize and solidify potentially infectious blood and body fluid spills. The excellent cleanup results of these solutions make them the leading spill control and deodorizing solutions offered in the industry.

There are several steps to take when considering the neutralizer that will remedy the situation. First, determine the type of material spilled and notify proper authorities. Move away and keep people away from accident scene. Avoid walking into our touching any of the spillage.

Using gloves, place the chosen neutralizer and solidifying agent in a circle around the spill, then sprinkle remaining neutralizer and solidifying agent directly on top of the remaining spill. Once solidified, a scoop and scraper can be used to extract the spill, and a carefully chosen disposal bag based on federal, state and local regulations can be used to discard waste.

Key Features

  •  Five solidifiers per kit are effective in cleaning bio waste
  •  Kit comes with hazardous and non hazardous labels
  •  Solutions can neutralize, stabilize and solidify many different aqueous spills and wastes

Hazardous Lab Spill Clean-up Kit (Spill Leader Kit) Specifications
Case Quantity 1 Kit (Per Case)
Case Weight 5 lbs.
Case Dimensions 14.375" x 3.375" x 21"

Item No. Alt. Part No. Product Description Unit of Measure Your Cost Purchase
EF1337 Portable Lab Spill Cleanup Kit Case of 1
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