Gliadin competitive Allergen Test Kit (RIDASCREEN®/r-biopharm)

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The world’s only gluten test for beer

Use for the analysis of fermented and hydrolyzed food (e.g. beer, starch syrup, starch, malt extract, sourdough, soy sauce) which are declared as “gluten-free”. The competitive enzyme immunoassay quantitates peptide fragments of prolamins from wheat (gliadins), rye (secalin) and barley (hordein). The used R5 monoclonal antibody recognizes among others the potentially toxic sequence QQPFP, which occurs repeatedly in the prolamin molecules.

The official standard method for gluten determination according to the Codex Alimentarius is an ELISA which uses the R5 antibody (Mendez); this requirement is fulfilled by this test. Single, small peptide sequences (motifs) cannot be detected by a sandwich ELISA format, because at least two epitopes are necessary for a sandwich ELISA. However, with a competitive format single peptide fragments can be detected. The RIDASCREEN® standard material is a hydrolysate (mixture of wheat, rye and barley).

There is no cross-reaction with soy, oats, corn, rice, millet, teff, buckwheat, quinoa and amaranth.
The RIDASCREEN® Gliadin competitive is approved by the following associations:

  • AACCI 38-55.01
  • TTB ruling number 2012-2 for beer
  • AOECS Standard R5 ELISA for hydrolyzed food
  • MEBAK Method 2.6.5 beer analysis


Test Format Microtiter plate with 96 wells (12 strips with 8 removable wells each)
Standard Range 0 ng/ml (zero standard), 10 ng/ml, 30 ng/ml, 90 ng/ml, 270 ng/ml gliadin
Sample Preparation homogenization, extraction
Incubation Time 40 min
Detection Limit Limit of detection: 1.36 mg/kg (ppm) Gliadin
Limit of quantification: 5 mg/kg (ppm) Gliadin