General Lab Glassware Starter Kit

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General Laboratory Glassware Set
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The General Lab Glassware Starter Kit is a convenient glassware assortment designed for general laboratory use.  A great value!  Includes twelve 30ml Barnes Dropping Bottles with dropping pipettes and one each of the following:  5 piece Beaker starter set, 9" Beaker Tongs, 5 piece Erlenmeyer Flask set, 10ml Hex Base Cylinder, 25ml Hex Base Cylinder, 100ml Hex Base Cylinder, 100ml Media Bottle, 500ml Media Bottle, Test tube Rack with 12 Test Tubes and Rubber Stoppers, Test Tube Clamp, and one pack of twelve 8" Glass Rods.

Key Features

  • Glassware is ASTM E438 Class A borosilicate glass
  • Simple means to equip a new lab or supply classrooms