Eppendorf RackScan

Eppendorf RackScan can read complete storage racks with up to 96 different barcoded vials from the bottom. The scanner software transfers the coded sample IDs to downstream databases. A barcode is an optical representation of data, which is machine-readable. Data transfer between different software packages can be nerve-consuming as compatibilities are not always given. RackScan Analyzer, the scanner related software, reads the barcodes of your vials and provide the information to downstream applications. This can be manually imported into local databases or automatically imported into the Eppendorf eLABLnventory software.

Some vessels are labeled at the side of the tube, freezer storage boxes have their own barcode at the side of the box, or racks with cryotubes ha vena individual barcode at the side. The Eppendorf RackScan can be equipped with a side-arm. The RackScan s accessory can easily be attached to the scanner box (sold separately).

For certification purposes, more and more users need to document every piece of information. Vials are a major part of the workflow within the lab and therefore, further information about the CryoStroage Vials like lot number, order number, certificates etc. are available via the Eppendorf website based on the vial code. The information can be exported manually into local databases or automatically transferred to the sample management software Eppendorf eLABInventory or eLABJournal.

Some processes require customized barcodes on plates due to established workflows and data management steps. Eppendorf plates like the twin.tec® PCR plates, the Deepwell plates, as well as the microplates can be labeled with customized 1D barcodes. The process is handled by the Eppendorf barcode wizard.

Key Features

  • Camera based instrument resulting in rapid imaging and decoding
  • Comfortable and easy plug-in system
  • Small footprint, ideal for benchtop (and integration)
  • ECC 200 error correction function enables safe code reading with up to 30 % damaged codes
  • Plug & Transfer with Eppendorf eLABInventory and eLABJournal software for comfortable data transfer
  • RackScan s can be attached as accessory to read barcodes on side labels
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EF41924 RackScan scanner (bottom reading) for 2D-coded tubes in SBS racks and cryostorage boxes, incl. software RackScan Analyzer Each
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