Eppendorf Biophotometer UVette Cuvettes

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UVette® Cuvette
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Pack of 80
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Eppendorf Biophotometer UVette Cuvettes provide a transparency range of 230 to 1600nm, allowing measurements in the UV as well as the entire VIS range with a single cuvette. There are also two built-in optical path lengths—just turn the cuvette 90° to change from 10 mm to 2 mm. Use with samples as small as 50 µL up to 2.0 mL. Volume markings at 500 µL and 1000 µL provide a frame of reference.

The deep-lying optical window helps prevent scratching and the tapered base allows optimal filling. A frosted area provides space for sample labeling. Cuvettes are individually blister-packed and certified DNase/RNase, and protein-free.

Key Features

  • For use with the Eppendorf BioPhotometer™ plus and BioSpectrometer photometers
  • Transparency range of 230 to 1600nm
  • Use with samples ranging from 50µL to 2.0mL

Specifications for Eppendorf Biophotometer UVette
Material: UV-transparent plastic, free of fluoropolymers and other halogenated hydrocarbons
Range: 230 to 1000 nm
Volume: 50 µL to 2000 µL
Optical Path Lengths: 10 and 2 mm
Light Center Height: 8.5 mm
Photometric Imprecision: <0.5% at 1A
Number of Windows: 4
Basic Absorbance: < / -0.5A at 260 nm
External Dimensions (WxDxH): 12.5 x 12.5 x 36 mm