Electronic Differential Tally Counter

These Electronic Differential Tally Counter-controlled differential cell counters are designed for hematology laboratories or anywhere cell counting is needed. The dual display simultaneously shows both the individual channel count and the total cell count on a bright, backlit LCD display. An audible click confirms entry. 

Counters can manually tally and store up to 12 differentials in memory. Check totals, percentages, or correct the count at any time and then continue counting. A 100-count alert and optional 100 count lockout add flexibility.

The Diffcount™ III 8-channel model displays three digits to a maximum of 999.

The Diffcount™ III 12-channel displays two digits and incidates overflow conditions above 99. Percent calculations are still based upon the internal 3-digit counts. It also features absolute WBC count mode

Hermetically sealed switches prevent count anomalies that might result from powdered gloves and other environmental contaminants. Key overlays provide for various key mapping.

Key Features

  • Soft-touch keys help reduce user fatigue
  • Integrated count correction and % total calculation features

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EF24567B 12-Channel Counter Each
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EF24567A 8-channel Counter Each
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