Egg Yolk Tellurite Solution (Baird Parker Agar Base)

Egg Yolk (EY) Tellurite Enrichment for the use with Baird Parker Agar.

Principles Egg yolk emulsion containing potassium tellurite consists of 30% egg yolk suspension with 0.15% potassium tellurite. The tellurite additive is toxic to egg yolk clearing strains other than S. aureus and imparts a black color to the colonies. The egg yolk additive, in addition to being an enrichment, aids in the identification process by demonstrating lecithinase activity (egg yolk reaction).

Description Liquid medium. Stored at refrigeration temperature.

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Egg Yolk Tellurite Solution
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Egg Yolk Tellurite Enrichment
Egg Yolk Tellurite Enrichment Difco 6x100mL 277910 Each
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