Edwards RV5 Two Stage RVP Pump

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Standard pump for use with Ultragrade Oil
1Ph 115/230V, 50/60Hz set to 230V
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RV oil sealed pumps have been the industry standard rotary vane pump for laboratory applications for many years thanks to design features that make them low-cost to operate and maintain compared to other rotary pumps.

With their unique mode selector, one pump can be used for both high throughput and high vacuum applications; self-centering mechanism, no dowels to set and can replace any component; high vapor pumping capability and broad range of accessories makes RV pumps the best long-term proposition for laboratory applications.

RV pumps are available with speeds ranging from 3 to 12 m3/hr. With 400,000 units produced, these pumps offer proven performance that sets the industry standard for R&D and scientific pumping applications.

Key Features

  • High vapor handling - high gas ballast flow rate for up to 220 gh-1 water vapor pumping capacity.
  • Superior particulate handling - High reliability
  • Fast acting, automatic inlet valve for best-in-class anti-suck back protection - Safe process and systems
  • Mode selector and two position gas ballast - Configured to meet your vacuum needs
  • Designed for easy maintenance - No unplanned downtime
  • Quiet running - better work environment

Specifications for Edwards RV Two Stage RVP Pump
Dimension Length0.430 m
Connection Vacuum Inlet FlangeDN 25 ISO-KF (NW25)
Noise Level48.00 db(A)
Supply Frequency50 Hz
Weight23.20 kg
Power Supply Phase1-Ph
Dimension Height0.267 m
Cooling MethodAir Cooling (forced - fan)
Connection vacuum outlet flangeDN 25 ISO-KF (NW25)
Dimension Width0.158 m
Supply Voltage1Ph 115/230V 50/60Hz
IP RatingIP44
Connection PowerIEC EN60320 C14 - Male (for C13 plug on mains cable)
lubricantTypeDefaultULTRAGRADE™ Performance 19
Operation Conditions - Limitations
Oil Capacity Max.7.000 × 10⁻⁴ m3
Pressure Outlet Continous Max.1.200 × 10⁵ Pa
Oil Capacity Min.4.200 × 10⁻⁴ m3
Performance Data
Power Total Rated @50Hz250.00 W
Pumping Speed @50Hz Nominal1.417 × 10⁻³ m3/s
Pressure Ultimate0.200 Pa
Power Total Rated @60Hz300.00 W
Pumping Speed @60Hz Nominal1.722 × 10⁻³ m3/s
Rotational Speed @50Hz Nominal25.00 Hz
Pressure Water Vapor Max.5000.00 Pa
Rotational Speed @60Hz Nominal30.00 Hz
Capacity Water Vapor1.667 × 10⁻⁵ kg/s
pressureUltimateWithGasBallast3.00 Pa
Max. Displacement @50Hz1.611 × 10⁻³ m3/s
Max. Displacement @60Hz1.944 × 10⁻³ m3/s
Environmental Conditions
Temperature Ambient Operation Min.12.00 °C
temperature AmbientOperationMax40.00 °C
Temperature Ambient Storage Min.-30.00 °C
Temperature Ambient Storage Max.70.00 °C
High / Medium / Rough Vacuum ClassificationMedium Rough Vacuum Pump
Dry or Wet PumpWet pump
Vacuum Pump TechnologyOil Rotary Vane Pumps Two-Stage
Product Pressure RangeMedium Vacuum - 1 mbar - 1*10-3 mbar