Educational Spectrophotometer 1000

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Education Spectrophotometer
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Precisely designed and ruggedly built, this Educational Spectrophotometer 1000 spectrophotometer is for use in high schools, colleges and for general laboratory testing. It is suitable for general analysis and experiments, including Beer-Lambert, Absorption Spectrum, Transmittance, Chlorophyll, protein (biuret test) and more.

The UNICO 1000 spectrophotometer has been “student-proofed,” in order to withstand years of use. Large digital display makes reading much easier, and the USB interface allows users to collect and print data via a computer. Optional Windows®-based software makes data collection convenient and allows expansion to Standard Curve and Kinetics. Data can also be exported to Microsoft® Excel for further processing, analysis and documentation.

The spectrophotometer is supplied with a 1/2" round tube holder, 10 mm square cuvette adapter, box of 12 round glass tubes, user guide/experiment manual and dust cover. It is preset for 110 volt but can be easily converted to 220 volt via a detachable power cord.

Key Features

  • Easy-to-use model is ideal for students
  • Built-in secondary filters reduce stray light and increase precision
  • Accepts round optical glass or square 10mm path length cuvettes

Specifications for Educational Spectrophotometer
Wavelength Range: 400-1000nm
Slit Width: 20nm
Optical System: Single Beam, Grating System 1200 lines/mm
Wavelength Accuracy: ±3nm
Wavelength Repeatability: ± 1nm
Stray Energy: less than 2% @ 400nm
Photometric Range: 0%–100% T, 0–1.99 Abs
Photometric Accuracy: ±2%
Photometric Noise: ±1.0%
Data Port: USB
Light Source: Tungsten Halogen Lamp 6V/10W
Power Requirements: 100–120V/60Hz switchable to 220–240V/50Hz
Instrument Dimensions: 16?W x 12?D x 8?H (406m x 305mm x 205mm)
Instrument Weight: 15 lbs (7kg)