Disposable Tri-Beakers 1000 mL

The Disposable Tri-Beakers 1000 mL have three dripless pour spouts, allowing for easy measuring and mixing. The beakers also come graduated to allow for measuring when a high level of accuracy is not required.

The Disposable Tri-Beakers are very durable and can be reusable. They are also autoclavable. The beakers also are chemical resistant and can also be used with commonly used acids, solvents and alkalis. These tri-beakers are unbreakable; they can still be reused even after coming in contact with acids, solvents and alkalis.

Key Features

  • Three dripless pour spouts
  • Unbreakable and graduated
  • Chemical resistant and autoclavable

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EF5638A Clear with Graduations Pack of 10
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